Ethan-Mack Brown / Senior Shiloh Christian School

The Hussman Community Award is presented to one of the states’s outstanding athletes who has also worked to better his or her community. Senior Ethan-Mack Brown is being honored for his dedication to community-service. Throughout high school, E-Mack has racked up more than 1,000 hours of community service. He participated in a bus-stop ministry by providing breakfast to children at a local apartment complex before school. He also volunteered for the Compassion Center in Springdale and helped organize a Valentine’s Day dance for seniors at a local assisted living facility. His commitment to his community has earned him the 2019 Hussman Community Award.

Jacob Tinsley / Senior Wonderview High School

The CHI Health Award highlights one athlete who not only overcame a health challenge but who did so while inspiring his or her team and community. This year’s nominee is Wonderview High School Senior Jacob Tinsley. The baseball player lost his left hand in an accident at his home when he was 5 years old. Jacob’s determination ensured he would find creative ways to pursue his dreams of playing baseball. He worked to adapt his own methods. Jacob’s love of sports also brought him to the basketball court. He found ways to adapt techniques like dribbling, passing and shooting to his own style. His determination to overcome adversity earned him the 2019 CHI St. Vincent Health Award.